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USDA_USFS_2014_Wildfire_Hazard_Potential (MapServer)

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Service Description: This service portrays the Wildfire Hazard Potential (WHP), developed by the USDA Forest Service and Fire Modeling Institute to help inform the assessment of wildfire risk or prioritization of fuels management needs across large landscapes. More specifically, it is to depict the relative potential for those wildfires that would be difficult for suppression resources to contain. This version is based upon spatial estimates of wildfire likelihood & intensity generated with the Large Fire Simulator (FSim) for the Fire Program Analysis system (FPA), spatial fuels and vegetation data from LANDFIRE 2010, and point locations of fire occurrence from FPA (ca. 1992 - 2012). The service displays those areas within the continental United States that have different levels of fire potential, categorized by five WHP classes of (very low – very high) and two non-WHP classes (non-burnable and water). Areas with higher WHP values represent fuels with a higher probability of experiencing torching, crowning, and other forms of extreme fire behavior under conducive weather conditions. According to the USFS, the data is not an explicit map of wildfire threat or risk, nor is it a forecast or outlook model for any particular season. When paired with spatial data depicting resources and assets such as communities, structures, or power lines, it can approximate relative wildfire risk to those resources and assets. It is instead intended for long-term strategic planning and fuels management. For additional information and data, please access the USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station WHP at:

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